Thursday, August 4, 2011

Nasti's Beauty Salon (erotica for housewives) by Vanessa Estrella

A remote but very special beauty salon in the Lake Tahoe mountains makes their clients feel sexy from the inside out.

First in a series of sexually charged adventures.

For ADULTS only please.

This book had me laughing a lot. It’s not a common thing to mix erotica with humor, and let me tell you, it should be used more often, because I had lots of fun reading this.

The plot is, as usual, not the most important part, it hardly ever is with erotica, but this one had a bit more than usual. There were a few moment where I was a bit lost as to how we’d gotten to a particular position (pun intended), but it didn’t bother too much since the story is fast and fun. The sexual scenes are well done, descriptive and quite imaginative, which is hard to do in this genre.

What makes this a good choice for lovers of erotica are the characters. They are all incredibly funny, and disarmingly charming. From the hairdresser who might not be quite as gay as he thought, to a naught nurse with a lactating fixation, they all add to the plot, and are not there just on a whim. The main character is a blast, her head a lovely mess of thoughts. She keeps things fresh.

This is an erotica novel, so it’s not for everyone. There are very descriptive sexual scenes so if this is something that bothers you, steer clear. If, on the other hand, this genre is something you enjoy reading, this is a great change to a sometimes heavy-handed genre.

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