Friday, April 20, 2012

Blog Tour: God's Eye by A.J. Scudiere

Katharine Geryon is living the life her family name has dictated, and why not? After all, it has given her a good job in the family company and a fine life with all the things she should want. But all that changes as increasingly disturbing events begin to occur: soot stains on the carpet, glimpses of strange black animals, and cryptic messages written on her bathroom mirror. Baffled and afraid, Katharine begins to doubt her own sanity.

At the same time, two charismatic men enter her life: Allistair, her new assistant at work, and Zachary, a well-heeled neighbor who just moved into her building. Katharine soon finds each of them inextricably entangled in her affairs. As her life becomes stranger and her dreams more terrifying, she realizes neither man is what he seems and that she’s caught in something far beyond her own comprehension. For the first time, she must reach beyond her own boundaries. There Katharine forges her first true friendship with Margot, a librarian who helps her discover what these men really are, why she’s drawn to them, and what they want with her.

The answer places Katharine in the middle of a fierce battle that forces her to decide between the two men fighting for her soul.

In the end, only one can be saved, but all three will be judged.

I read and reviewed this book a few months ago, but since Utukku has been seen making his way through the world, I knew I had to join in and say hi!
It was quite...surprising,to say the least, to see him out and about in Miami's beaches, but hey, even demons need some sun, right?

I wonder where he's going next.

I also wanted to let you all know about the wonderful new way in which you can read this book. This was completely new to me. It's called an AudioMovie. It's very cool, because you hear the entire book, but it's much more animated than just a simple audiobook. No, there's music and they really build a nice atmosphere, making it really creepy and fun. It reminded me of those old radio shows that were almost like plays.
I'd definitely recommend this for all of you who love audiobooks. It's even better!
You can see download a sample here.

You can buy the book or the AudioMovie either here or here.

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