Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The Wolf Road by Beth Lewis

https://images.gr-assets.com/books/1448752778l/27209140.jpgI'm a bit conflicted in how I feel about this book. The starkness of the landscape in which it takes place and the grittiness of it appeals to me very much. I love a strong heroine, which Elka is, and I liked the writing style. The plot lines, however, get a bit tangled up. The first half or so of the book offers the strongest plot moments, with the rest becoming a bit more convoluted. 

I think the biggest problem that is the villain. His actions are not explained as fully as it is necessary to make him a three dimensional character. Some of his actions feel random, like they are just happening because the story needs them to happen. This occurs throughout the book, as well, with Elka many times doing the opposite of what she just said she was going to do just because it is the only way for the plot to move forward.
We really don't get much world building, either. We know this is a post-apocalyptic world, but we don't really know what the rules are in this new world. It would have been nice to learn a bit more about it.
The end also feels rushed. Everything kind of comes together at the last minute and it takes Elka a few second to deal with the villain who has plagued her from the beginning. If it makes sense, it is too built up and at the same time not built up enough.