Saturday, February 15, 2014

Exit:Stage Left by Jack Coey

 Exit:Stage Left
It is always hard to put together a short story collection. It is a notoriously tricky endeavor, since they all have their unique voices and viewpoints, but I think this collection did a great job of unifying all of these interesting stories into a cohesive whole.
What I think helped the most was the author’s voice. It is strong throughout the collection, so that you feel like you are in good hands as you read. All of them have their own characters’ voice, making each story unique, but the narrative is what makes the collection flow together.
All of the stories are entertaining, offering an inside look at beginning actors’ lives, but I especially enjoyed “The Audition”. There was something very real to this one that struck me as different from the others. There’s also an enhanced sense of urgency in this one that made it both funnier and more desperate than the rest.
If you are looking for an interesting collection that gives you an honest look at what being an beginning actor really means.

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