Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Drinking Death

So, as a reviewer for You Gotta Read Reviews, a fabulous bunch of ladies who do a tremendous job of reading gazillions of romance novels, I will be posting A LOT of books I probably would have never picked up on my own. But, hey, a little diversity never hurt anyone, right?

Drinking Death
Mara Lee
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And out of the darkness one will rise. One will breed true. One will rule.
Annaleigh Savage wants none of the prophecy and none of the madness that comes
from the throne being forced upon her. She has run far and fast and tried to redefine her
life completely … and yet … they still come. As the last Blood Princess it is her duty to
take her seat upon the Blood Throne. But what happens when the Princess of the Blood
decides that the Blood Throne just doesn't suit her? A battle of wills will ensue unlike any
seen before. And in this game of life and death, death seems to win every time.

First Line: "Annaleigh’s eyes popped open and she groaned."

This is a witty book. Don’t get me wrong, there are faults (strange syntax issues, grammatical mistakes, and at least one word that is not used as its meaning requires) but the dialogue makes up for most of them. It is fresh and quick, which is not the usual in romance novels, where the language is stilted with moans and archaic endearments.
Annaleigh, our vampire heroine, is likeable and I found myself chaffing as much as she under the vampire conventions and rules. The only thing that got old very quickly was the use of “Blood Princess”. It seems like every other sentence had some reference to it or some bold exclamation along the lines of “I am the Princess, you must obey me!” After the fifth time, I think we’ve got it, no need to keep stating it.
Overall, I would recommend this book for a fun, breezy read. The rest of the series might have potential, we will see. And yes, the whole vampire-with-good-intentions thing has been done ad nauseum but really, if we are honest with one another, isn’t it still just a tad bit fabulous?

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