Saturday, July 30, 2011

Fleeting Memory by Sherban Young

The answer lies with Keats… With these cryptic last words, the man sprawled out on the floor of the rustic cabin expires—murdered. What could he have meant? Why Keats? Which answer? (For that matter, what was the question?)

All this and more passes through the mind of the young householder who discovers the body. If only he knew the guy’s name. Or anybody’s name. Including his own...

From here, our hero is hurtled along a path of self-discovery. With the help of Enescu Fleet, retired private detective and (according to some) the world’s most fascinating man, he will delve into an exciting new game show called Deadly Allusions, where trivia and murder compete for top billing. Along the way, he will attempt to figure out the dead man’s clue—and quite possibly nab a murderer who is too smart for his own good.

This is one funny book. It was hard to go a page without finding something to snicker about. It’s a mystery, reminiscent of Agatha Christie, with amusing characters and an interesting storyline.

The plot begins quickly, throwing the reader along with the protagonist into the fray without any type of warning. We are just as confused as he is, wondering what is going on as much as he does. The tone is light all the way through the novel, making it a refreshing read that is hard to put down. There are moments that will make you laugh out loud with the silliness of the situation, but you will keep turning the pages, wanting more. The mystery progresses, without even our notice, until the answers are revealed.

The characters are unique, with many curious and unique things about them. The protagonist is hilarious in his blind following of Fleet, a detective he happens to meet in his confused wanderings. We root for him, but secretly hope something even nuttier happens to him.

This is a great book for all mystery lovers, but really, it’s a good choice for anyone who want a lighter read and a good laugh, all at the same time.

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Sam Larson said...

Thanks for your positive review of Mr. Young's book Fleeting Memory.

Fleeting Memory recently was selected by Kirkus Reviews as a "Best of 2011..." in the category of Quick-Witted. I will be happy to send you the press release announcing that honor if you will EMail me at

Fleeting Memory is not just the latest mystery caper from Mr. Young, it also is the first book in his new detective series. I am sure you will enjoy reading what mischief these witty and charming oddball characters get up to next. Please EMail me if you would like to review the next book in this series.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Sam Larson