Thursday, December 1, 2011

Not Before Bed by Craig Hallam

A collection of dark tales to tingle your spine and goose your bumps. While reading, you'll encounter tentacle pods, bogeymen, dark gods; vamps, zombies, werewolves, and Things with no name.
Barricade your door. Say goodbye to your loved ones. Check behind the curtains and in the wardrobe. But don't read it alone, and definitely Not Before Bed.

Author Craig Hallam has previously been published in New Horizons and Murky Depths, both leading magazines in the UK Speculative Fiction arena.

A collection of thrilling and chilling stories, this book was a lot of fun to read.

The way that Mr. Hallam builds suspense makes the stories really come to life.
There are many different kinds of stories in this collection: paranormal, quirky, some even have humor in them. But they all have a unique voice and viewpoint that adds originality to the bunch. I loved the mixture of Lovecraft-style horror with the stronger, gag-worthy images. It shows a good handle on many kinds of horror stories.

Something that I found very interesting was the stories that had no dialogue. That is not an easy thing to accomplish, and yet they are the ones that stayed with me the longest. It’s pretty difficult to make a scary story with just mood and atmosphere, but the author handled it well.

This is a wonderful collection that will please most readers of horror stories, mainly because the variety in the writing. There is something here for everyone, and even if you don’t enjoy one of the stories, give the other ones a try, they are worth it.

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