Sunday, January 8, 2012

Jack be Nimble: Gargoyle by Ben English

The boy came to her out of water, unexpected. He was smart and strong and goofy, as boys are meant to be, but peculiar - he remembered everything.
In the span of a single summer, she made him fearless.
Now, even as Mercedes Adams is at the height of her career, forbidding changes loom over the world. That night, in the hushed calm of a spring evening, two plain-faced killers watch her home, waiting to make their approach.
A few hundred miles away, a brilliant technologist returns to his childhood town in order to begin a descent into darkness . . . in London, a military game theorist finds himself pursuing kidnappers . . . outside Prague, a hacker and a thief stumble upon plans for a weapon unique to the world . . . an FBI agent faces an unpredictable fugitive in Chicago, while in Germany, a sniper-turned-schoolteacher finds reasons to take up his ancient calling . . . and a sitting United States Senator finds his life and his work invaded to terrifying conclusion. In Paris, a widowed man begins to recognize the hints and patterns of a greater puzzle that will bring them together . . . or kill them all.
Mercedes Adams is about to find herself at the center of a vast, tightening knot of mystery, intrigue, and globe-spanning terror borne of her family's legacy. Rising to her aid is a small group of specially-trained men and women. And at their center?
A man who remembers everything.

This was a fast paced thriller that is a great choice for most scifi fans. With its fascinating attention to detail, the story will immerse you in a world of “what if”, at once electrifying and frightening.

What I enjoyed most was the way the plot really moves. Although there are some technical explanations, it never drags, which is always the problem with scifi or fantasy. The details never overwhelm the reader and never take away from the story itself, managing only to enhance it. This is not as simple as it sounds, so for that alone, it’s worth reading this book.

The characters are fun, full of life. Since there are many view points in the story, we really get a good sense of each character: who they are and whom they hope to be.

I can easily recommend this, and I encourage you all lovers of scifi (and even those of you who are not) to give this book a try.

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