Friday, February 15, 2013

Power by Theresa Jones

Power (The Descendant Trilogy #1)
Thousands of years after the battle between the angels, when Lucifer was defeated by Michael in the Heavens, the war is still being fought on Earth by the humans who have their Power, the Angel’s Power.

Allison Stevens is a 21 year old single mother who gets thrown into the middle of this battle when Damien, the Leader of the Rising, decides to hunt her down and kill her because he fears she is the descendant prophesied to save the world.

David, a member of the Order, takes Allison under his wing in order to show her the ropes, and hopefully groom her into being the one they have been waiting for. The only problem is that they start to grow more attached than a teacher/student relationship should allow.

But that isn’t all. Damien wants to open the Seven Seals and bring about the apocalypse and it’s up to Allison to not only save herself and her family, but save the world, all while trying to keep her heart from breaking.

No problem… right?

What stood out for me in this book, which to be honest could have been like every other novel of this genre out there, is the creativity that fills these pages. From the carefully crafted world-building, to the characters which read as wholly real, this book does manage to stand apart from the bunch.

Allison, the protagonist was my favorite character, and the one I felt was most developed. She manages to progress through the book, so that we really see a change by the end of it. This is what we always want to see in a character: that the journey has been worthwhile. The other characters are interesting and well done, but Allison is the one we really bond with.

This is a fun book that will keep you reading well past your bedtime, so I do recommend it, especially to all of you who love paranormal romances.

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