Friday, March 14, 2014

Follow Friday

My boa, Barbossa, loves to go outside in the afternoons for about an hour or so. He slithers all around our pool, sometimes even deciding he might want a bit of a swim. He has a malformation on his spine, so he can't swim, which means I have to stick around and make sure he doesn't fall in the pool. I take this time to read while keeping an eye on him.

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Britt said...

Follow Me FF
<3 :-)
Brittany @ Please Feed The Bookworm

Jessica @ a GREAT read said...

Oh wow! Forgot you had a pet snake! At least I think you've mentioned it over the years I've followed you! Always been too girly around snakes, meaning I have never really liked them. Too freaked out. Can't remember if I saw Anaconda at too young an age or if it was just a natural fear!

But looks like you're poolside reading spot is nice!

Here's my Follow Friday

Have a GREAT weekend!

Old Follower :)

Mo_books said...

Okay, so the thing I am the most afraid of is snakes!!! Omg I'm feeling slightly freaked out right now, lol I'm such a wimp ;-)
Thanks for stopping by my FF, I followed you via gfc =)

Barbara said...

I prefer cats, I'm afraid of snakes. Thanks for stoppingby my blog. Old follower :)

Unknown said...

You just became super mega awesome once I found out you had a snake, so cool! Nice pic and looks like a neat place to read!

Unknown said...

You have a snake? That is so cool!!! I've always wanted one but I'm too scared!

Happy reading! :)

New GFC follower!:D

Our FF

~Jennifer~ said...

Oh wow, I am terrified of snakes! That's a super cool photo! Thanks for visiting my FF. Old follower :)

Jillian said...

I love the mood of that photo! Such an awesome boa!

Vi (pronounced Vy) said...

I love it Valentina!! I'm jealous! :)

Vi (pronounced Vy) said...

PS I'd love it if you'd participate in my book blogger meme:

tashtastic said...

New follower on Bloglovin! :)and wow, a snake!? I'd be terrified of it!

Sarai said...

Going with awesome you have a pet snake that is all like "yeah I love to hang by the pool" but I think I will pass on pet sitting LOL

Thanks for stopping by the other day!