Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Inverness: Day 3 (AKA Day 14)

Today was, and still is, a very lazy day. I had to check out of the hotel at 10 but my train, the Caledonian Sleeper doesn't leave until 8. So I left my bags at the hotel and did some more walking. 
After lunch, I sat in this park to read...until a father and his daughter decided to sit on the grass a few feet in front of me. Kids must be like cats. Once they know you don't like them, they zero in on you. That is exactly what that girl did. She starte bringing me clumps of grass, leaving them on the bench next to me. She was speaking to me in gibberish, too, so I couldn't understanda  single word she said. Not that I expected much coherence, anyway. Can you tell I dislike kids? 
Anyway, after that mess, and I mean mess, because I ended up covered in grass, I went to the Inverness museum that they have close to the castle. It's a small place, but there's nice stuff to look at. 
I got to see lots of tools from around the eras, which was interesting. 
Lots of thing were made of horns.
That's the figure of a Goddess, crafted out of whale bone. Supposedly, it's cursed. 
Some ancient carvings found in Inverness. 
And that's all I've got for today. I'm sitting at the train station, staring 5 hours of waiting in the face. At least I have a good book and free Wifi. Netflix, here I come!

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