Saturday, May 14, 2011

A Bit of Me(me)

This Weeks Question: What was your favorite toy when you were a kid?

Well, I have to say the Playmobil sets I had were fabulous. My parents bought us many of the collections and my sister and I just loved all of them. The details were incredible. I had (still have) the Playmobil mansion, fully furnished of course, while my sister had the pirate ship and the castle. I kind of miss the excitement of opening one of the boxes to see what cool things were inside.

How about you?


The1stdaughter said...

How cool are those?! To be honest I had to look them up just to see what all was involved with it, but they look SO neat! I think they would definitely be something my kiddos would love. May have to keep a set on the birthday list! :o)

Crystal - Princess of Pop Culture said...

That sounds amazing! I've never heard of those, I'm going to have to look that up!

Anonymous said...

Is the speciffic one on the picture you have? because i bought that about a year ago from ebay, with that picture exactly!!!!