Saturday, November 19, 2011

Demon Days: Angel of Light by Richard Finney and D.L. Snell

A tragic train collision in America kills hundreds of innocent people.
A series of grisly and ritualistic murders baffle authorities in Europe.
A natural disaster in the Middle East annihilates thousands.
A global rise of accidents trigger Near Death Experiences in the victims.

Jenna Grant agrees to help her brother authenticate an artifact known as the Black Pages. But when she decodes a prophecy kept hidden for hundreds of years, the revelation plunges her into a world of deadly intrigue. Now she must embark on a perilous journey across three continents in a relentless pursuit to defeat the source of all evil. Set in a world altogether too real, with a pulse-pounding storyline and unforgettable characters, this shocking novel is a roller-coaster ride of plot twists and hairpin turns. Readers will feel compelled to endure a sleepless night until the last breathtaking page is turned. Gripping and thought-provoking, this terrifying thriller will linger in the mind long after the last staggering secret is... unveiled.

With intrigue, mystery, secret orders and plenty of demonic possessions, this is one very entertaining book that is sure to please readers of many genres.

The plot is woven with care, with many layers and characters which might at first seem to have little to do with one another, but which will later be revealed as interconnected. The action scenes are well-paced, demonstrating the author’s sense for timing, although, as with many books of this length, there are a few instances when less could have been more. Some scenes were a bit too long for my taste, but that is a fault which doesn’t get in the way very often throughout the narrative.

Since this book is plot-driven more than character-driven, you can’t expect characters that jump off the page. Jenna, Father Olsen, George, they were all fun to follow, but not entirely “new” characterizations. The Angel of Light, or AOL (which I found hilarious), as Satan is called, tends to steal the show. He is witty and charming, even when plotting evil, evil things, so he definitely turned out to be my favorite. The book is worth reading just for the moments when he is center-stage.

This is a book that is easy to recommend to most readers. If you like demons (not “like” like, but enjoy reading about them), then this one is for you.

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