Friday, November 18, 2011

Preview of The Void by Bryan Healey

She believes I am all but dead.
But I can hear her...

I've been still for many years now, my eyes closed, my body sunken, my muscles wilted, a soft, seductive beep-beep-beep of life-sustaining machinery just behind my head. I don't know why they keep me here, or why they bother to keep me alive; and yet they do. And they come and go, night and day and night, men, women, children, even an occasional pet; nurses, doctors, family, friends, strangers; they talk to me rarely, sometimes to themselves, and frequently to each other, or to no one. And they have very much to say, I have found.

They don't know that I can hear them...
But I can.

I was fortunate enough to have been offered a sneak peek of Mr. Healey's upcoming book, The Void, and I wanted to share some of my thoughts with all of you.
Just from the pages I read, I can see this is going to be a fascinating book.
The narrator is a man who is in some kind of vegetative state, which means he can't move, talk, etc. but who is very aware of everything going on around him.
The narration is well done, with many flashbacks to the past, which give us a bird's eye view to the relationship he had with the people who love him.
There is a real sense of fright as Max's time starts to run out, and we can feel the tension build. I am very much looking forward to reading the full novel when it comes out April, 2012. Add this one to your To-Be-Read pile!

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Lianne said...

Ooh, that one sounds neat! In a kind of morbid sort of way. Definitely going on my wishlist!