Thursday, June 14, 2012

Booking Through Thursday

Have you ever bought a book, started reading it and then realised you have already read it? If so, how far did you get?

Yes, it happened once with a collection of short stories by Stephen King. I bought it thinking I'd never read it. It took me a few pages to realize it. And I was so excited to buy the collection, too. Oh well.


Susan Oloier said...

I actually did that with--of all books--Jane Austen's Persuasion. Even after I realized I'd already read it, I kept going since I truly enjoyed the story.

Gigi Ann said...

First off let me thank you for the visit today, it is always nice hearing from you.

I have been guilty a few times of buying books I've already read. That is one of the reasons I have a blog I post about all the books I read now.

Unknown said...

It seems to happen to most of us! It's a shame when it's not a library book, though. Ah, well. Thanks for stopping by!