Friday, June 8, 2012

The Light and Fallen by Anna White

Lucian isn't sure what to expect when he steps over the banister separating Heaven from Earth. He opens his eyes in a new body, one with no wings, no knowledge of the future, and no special powers. All he remembers is his mission: to find a mysterious key. When he meets a human girl that he can't ignore he is forced, for the first time in eternity, to choose between duty and the pull of his heart. The future hangs on his decision, but he's fallen into a world where nothing is just what it seems.

This was definitely a fun, easy read. With lots of romance mixed in with a wonderful dose of the paranormal, this will be a great choice for many young adults out there.

The characters are what makes the story stand out. Samara is not the wimpy protagonist we see in so many of the young adult books these days. She is feisty and has a mind of her own. That’s definitely refreshing in this genre. Lucian is also an interesting character. It is lots of fun to see him adjusting to living in the human world and falling in love with the strange Samara. Sometimes, though, his actions are a bit strange. I realize he is struggling to complete his mission and so he can’t give in to the romantic feelings he has for Samara, but still, he comes off a bit strangely, with his changes in behavior.

The plot is complex and well done. The reader is immediately immersed in the world White creates for us, and once you start it is pretty tough to put the book down. There are some grammatical errors that could have been fixed with a bit more editing, but all in all, a nice debut.

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