Sunday, June 3, 2012

Guest Post: Emmy Laybourne

I am so thrilled to welcome Emmy Laybourne to my blog! She is the author of MONUMENT 14, a wonderfully inventive post-apocalyptic young adult novel that will leave you wanting more. This is the first stop on her blog tour, so be sure to check out her next stops!

Hello to all the readers of the lovely Carabosse’s Library!

I’m terrifically excited to be blogging here today. Thank you, Valentina, for having me!

This is the first stop on my blog tour. For the next 14 days, you can follow me all around the web, if you so desire. You’ll learn a lot about me, my debut novel MONUMENT 14 and also learn about my former career as an actor, my favorite post-apocalyptic novels and my dream picks if I got to cast a movie version of M14!

I have a little contest brewing to start off the tour with a bang. I’ve been asking myself and my FB friends, “How do you know if you are really a fan of post-apocalyptic fiction?” Their answers were so funny, I’ve decided to make them into a contest!


- You have until noon est on Saturday, June 9th to enter.

- You can enter as many times as you like (one comment = one entry).

- My mother, Geraldine Laybourne, will read all the entries (from FB and from here) and will pick the one she thinks is the funniest!

- The winner will receive a free, signed copy of MONUMENT 14!

Here are my favorite entries so far…

You know you love post-apocalyptic stories when:

…Instead of buying water and plywood in an emergency you go straight for the leather trousers and spiked football shoulder pads.

(Matt O’Neil)

…You have more than one moment of considering the name Katniss for your unborn child.

(my agent Susanna Einstein – who is currently pregnant… hmmm!)

…Your triathlon prep includes archery, ship-breaking, and Thunderdome training.

(Lisa Papademetriou)

…You never talk during movies, except to point out the ways I AM LEGEND is different from the book. (Kevin Maher)

…You trade in your Hyundai for a dune buggy with a human skull for a hood ornament.

(Greg Payne)

…You get so involved in Mad Max that for one brief moment you are able to forget that Mel Gibson is totally nuts.

(Larry Bell)

…You're planning to name your firstborn child Zachariah, regardless of gender.

(Lory Widmer Hess)

…You condescendingly explain to your friends why The Hunger Games, technically, is *not* post-apocalyptic.

(Kevin Maher)

…You can sit through the movie "The Road."

(David Handleman)

…The whole time you read a story you try to figure out who is going to eat whom. (Daphne Kwon – I like Daphne’s good grammar!)

You've read Planet of the Apes fan fiction.

(Kevin Maher – what can I say? Kevin Maher is very, very funny…)

You think about what you'd want in your backpack should you be in the arena, or what you'd want in your superstore should you be in Monument, CO.

(Another one from my beloved agent, Susanna Einstein. Isn’t her little plug for me nice?!)

I have to say that I am confident of my deep love for post-apocalyptic literature because I have done many, many of the things my friends came up with. I’ve spent time detailing to my friends and family where we should meet up in the case of a catastrophe and I even have a blog tour stop coming up in the next two weeks where I explain why The Hunger Games, technically, is not post-apocalyptic!

Please join the contest, join me on my blog tour and good luck winning a signed copy of Monument 14!

To follow my blog tour, please go here.


Anna @ Literary Exploration said...

After reading so much post-apocalyptic literature I've started thinking about what I'm going to do in the wake of an 8.2 earthquake or a chemical spill or something... I feel so unprepared!

Anna @ Literary Exploration

TayteH said...

Sounds like fun. :D Thanks for the info. :D

Denise Z said...

I am sitting here after reading this post with a smile on my face and rubbing my hands together trying my hardest to come up with a great Jeff Foxworthy worthy you know your a liner LOL Thank you for sharing with us today. I think Monument 14 sounds like a good read and I am definitely looking forward to the ride.
You know your a post-apocalyptic fiction fan if you suddenly find yourself hoarding coffee, chocolate, and bath salts!


Daniela said...

Ha! I love this!
I've got one though:
You know your a post-apocalyptic fiction fan if you have a giant poster of 'How to Kill Zombies' hanging in your bedroom.

Emmy Laybourne said...

These entries are great guys and I'm so glad you enjoyed the blog post!
I don't know why it's so fun to imagine post-apocalyptic survival scenarios!
I'll announce the winner of the Giveaway tomorrow on: and on my own website: