Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Spark: A Mother's Story of Nurturing Genius by Kristine Barnett

The extraordinary memoir of a mother's love, commitment, and nurturing, which allowed her son, originally diagnosed with autism, to flourish into a universally recognized genius-and how any parent can help their child find their spark.

Today, at thirteen, Jacob is working on extending Einstein's theory of relativity, and is a paid researcher in quantum physics. Yet at three, after an autism diagnosis, Jacob was assigned to life-skills classes, his parents told to adjust their expectations. The goalpost was to be tying his own shoes at sixteen. Kristine's belief in the power of hope and the dazzling possibilities that can occur when we keep our minds open and learn to fuel a child's true potential changed everything.

This was a lovely, inspirational memoir about a mother fighting to get her autistic son to open up and to learn to enjoy his life. It is a deeply moving story that I think every parent should read.

The author’s honesty throughout the book is what makes it really stand out. She holds nothing back , not her fears at hearing the autism diagnosis or her misgivings about the special programs the schools and doctors tried to force her son to take. I can imagine, for parents who are dealing with an autistic child, hearing her words of encouragement and seeing how she managed to save her son from being swallowed up completely by the disease could be life-saving.

It’s such a fascinating book that I read it in a matter of two or three days, completely taken over by Jake and by his whole family’s goal to help him become someone beyond the mental limits forced on him by the school system’s and autism.

A wonderful book. I highly recommend it for all parents, not only those with special needs children. We can all learn so much from the way this mother helped her child.

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Great review! Sounds like a really interesting memoir.