Monday, January 28, 2013

Water Harvest by Eric Diehl

The continuous harvest of atmospheric moisture by lunar orbiters foments a plan set in place to destroy the Harvest fleet, but it is derailed by a twist that allows time for development of a technological work-around. Time passes, and the ruling Houses are caught unawares by an invasion intended to wrest control of the Harvest. The interlopers are aided by wizard-like practitioners whose hallucinogen-induced evocations bend the norms of nature to their will.
Cairn, heir to Alar, is taken captive and then dispatched to carry the warlord's edict. The Maester Viizar, Gezladorn, has his own agenda, contrary to that of the lunar warlord. The Maester is able to manipulate some of the players through mind-control, pitting them one against the other.
Cairn learns of a human-like species that has always kept to itself in the planet's vast cavern system, and he leads a band of men and UnderWorlders on a subterranean journey to rise into the bowels of House Alar. Alliances fall apart and it becomes unclear who is the true enemy before Alar ultimately triumphs.

I don’t usually read many science fiction books, since I never connect with the characters very much, but when the author of this new book contacted me and sent me the synopsis, I thought it sounded pretty good.

Yes, it is a sci-fi book, so there are lots and lots of characters running around. Not all of them are crucial so if you forget a few of them, it won’t really impact the rest of your reading experience. Something that I found very interesting and very well done was the mix of futuristic elements and Medieval ones. It gave the story more flavor than it would have otherwise had.

The story is interesting, but sometimes the words get a bit in the way of the plot. Sometimes the descriptions are too long, which slows the pacing down. I would have liked to have read a much more simplified book, so that we could really pay attention and connect with the main characters.

I did  like the book, though, so I can recommend it, but take the things I’ve mentioned into consideration before you begin.

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