Sunday, May 15, 2011

Buried Strangers (Chief Inspector Mario Silva #2) by Leighton Gage

In the jungle on the outskirts of São Paulo, Mario Silva and his team find hundreds of unknown corpses, often buried in family groups, and they learn that many would-be travelers to North America who used a local tourist agency have never reached their destinations. The motive for these murders is completely contemporary and completely appalling.
What an entertaining read!

I received this book directly from the author and I’m very glad I got a chance to review it. What first attracted me to the story was its location. It’s not very often that detective novels take place in Brazil, which made it stand out from the crowd. I loved the gritty atmosphere, the detailed descriptions of the country’s underbelly, and the use of the language throughout the pages that never gets too repetitive or distracting.
The characters are not as important as the plot, but still we get a good glimpse at private lives and of one particular character who is anything but usual and more than a little disturbing.

The pace is quick, never allowing for boredom and never including extraneous information that might make the reader sigh and wish he or she were doing something else. The writing style itself is straight-forward, as you would expect in a mystery/thriller novel.

I can highly recommend this book, (this whole series, really) to all the fans of crime shows and novels, and as soon as I finish with this I am going to start the next part in the series, Dying Gasp.

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