Friday, May 27, 2011

Intoxication (As the Darkness Falls) by Tim Kizer

How do you force a confession out of a coworker trying to poison you? Do you kill those who dismiss your fears and believe you are paranoid? What do you do if you start questioning your own suspicions--and sanity--as you take the law into your hands?

In this disturbing tale of derangement, a young psychopathic woman is slipping into madness as she fights an enemy that may exist only in her imagination. She has to resort to desperate measures when she realizes that a gun, security cameras in her apartment, and constant vigilance will not be enough to survive.

Bonus: "Hitchhiker" by Tim Kizer, the first entry in the As the Darkness Falls series.
From description:
When a serial killer hitches a ride one sunny day in a beautiful California valley, he does not suspect that he may have met his match, who is dead set to take another life. The battle of wits begins and only the most devious mind will survive.

These three stories are little jewels. I read them all in one afternoon and I was so entertained! They don't go where you expect them to, something I always admire, creating a fresh idea out of common plots.
The first story, "Intoxication", has a fast-paced and tense atmosphere that works beautifully with the main characters obsessiveness. Her descent into full blown paranoia is nicely done, if a bit too superficial. I would have enjoyed seeing a bit more inner struggle, internal slips of reason.
The second story was quite fun, a great example of creativity and humor. It feels more relaxed than the first one, but still maintains the tension necessary for the plot to succeed. This one was my favorite of the buch.
The last one, a very short story is intersting because it was written in under 1,000 words. That is no easy feat. Yes, it feels a tad bit too hurried, but it gets the point across and it is amusing to read, so I can't complain too much.
The writing itself is correct, no grammatical errors or mispellings, which is nice. It allows the reader to relax and flow into the writers hands without having to take up your red pen every few pages.
Fun three stories, I can recommend it to all lovers of the quirky and just-a-bit-off, and even to the thriller fans out there.


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