Friday, May 20, 2011

Whom God Would Destroy by Commander Pants

A novel to incite a Judeo-Christian Fatwa:

When "God" decides to mess with humanity once more, he runs into some kinks he didn't foresee...
insanity and the search for the Ultimate Orgasm.

Once in a while, you pick up a book without really knowing what to expect. You understand the basic plot, but there’s just no way of anticipating if you’ll love it or hate it.

This is one of those books. And I loved it.

It is a grab-bag of bizarre characters, from a Triscuit loving “God” to an alien race that is obsessed with Big Macs, there is just no way of really capturing the essence in these pages. The story, although seemingly scattered, fits together nicely, leaving no major loose ends. The characters are all lovable and outrageous, making the reader wish they had a few of them in his or her life to brighten up the mornings.

I found no cataclysmic grammar mistakes or spelling oopses, which is a breath of fresh air when it comes to independently published books, so do not be deterred on that front.

Ok, the story is irreverent, snarky, and if you’re seriously religious, firmly planted on the blasphemous side. But it is delightful, and a quick read. I had a blast in its pages and I can easily recommend it to those of you out there who like a little peanut-butter-nuttiness with your religion.

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