Sunday, April 29, 2012

Shaman, Friend, Enemy (Olivia Lawson, Techno-Shaman #2) by M. Terry Green

Patients with fractured souls, clients threatened by deadly ancestor spirits, and now the paparazzi–it’s all in a day’s work for techno-shaman Olivia Lawson. Livvy has rocketed to the top of the shaman world, bringing old friends with her but also attracting new enemies.

Even as her career soars, her personal life spirals downward. Broken bonds and lost love finally force her to confront the terrible secret of her beginning in shamanism. Despite being attacked by dark shamans and navigating a spiritual plane that seems out of control, Livvy’s single-minded quest steers her into dangerous territory and puts her on a collision course with those dearest to her.

No longer interested in walking a fine line, Livvy discovers that–when the one thing you need is the one thing you can’t have–you’ll risk everything.

What a fun series this is! It has a little bit of everything and is a wonderful example of urban fantasy.

The best part of this book, the second in the series, is the relationship development between Livvy and Sk. There is a great sense of tension between these two characters, making for some thrilling romantic scenes that are handled with care and not overdone. Livvy is a great character that we slowly get to learn a bit more about in this book, delving into the darker parts of her psyche. But all the characters are good, even Dominique, the antagonist, is someone you love to hate.

The plot was fast paced, with all the neat twists and turns we got in the first book, and with even more action. The different viewpoints, some chapters seen through Livvy’s eyes, others through Dominique’s, and still others through SK’s makes for exciting reading. The writing is good, although there are a few grammatical quirks here and there. But overall, a great, complex plot.

I highly recommend this series to all of you who love a good paranormal story. The shamanic world the author creates is wholly engrossing. I will be waiting eagerly for the next installment.

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Anonymous said...

Valentina! Yet again, thank you so very much! I'm *so* glad that you liked the second book as well. Livvy and SK have a way to go before their arc is complete but this book definitely sets them on the path. Book 3 will be out later this year and you'll no doubt hear my digital knock come calling when it's ready. Thanks again and happy reading! Terry