Sunday, July 8, 2012

Blog Tour: Stress Pandemic: The Lifestyle Solution: 9 Natural Steps to Survive, Master Stress and Live Well by Paul Huljich

Do you feel anxious or on edge a lot of the time? Do you know you suffer from stress but feel powerless to stop it? Do you have trouble sleeping, lack energy and patience, feel frequent sadness or tension, or experience even larger stress-related health problems?

Many people would answer yes to these questions. The modern world is a breeding ground for stress; it comes in many forms and has a variety of causes, but any kind of stress can greatly inhibit life and take a serious toll on both body and mind.

Written for the growing number of people wishing to free themselves of mild, moderate, or severe stress, Stress Pandemic draws upon organic food pioneer Paul Huljich's experience with stress-related illness, outlining a practical and effective approach to beating stress and achieving complete wellness. Huljich's strategies address the underlying habits and tendencies that cause stress, and he offers a comprehensive lifestyle solution designed to promote both physiological and psychological strength and balance.

By learning and following Huljich's uniquely powerful and integrated approach to wellness, readers can live stress-free in a natural and holistic way.

This was an interesting look into that malady we all suffer from, especially in the current economic time: stress. In a simple, straight-forward manner, the author explains the causes and the consequences of stress, and then, how to manage it.

The way the book is divided makes for clear reading. There are bullet points and end of chapter summaries which help the reader look back quickly at the main topics covered. There is a bit of repetition, which can get a tad frustrating, but if you can overlook that, this book makes for some enlightening reading.

The best part for me was the steps to reduce stress. The author goes step by step, explaining everything that can help alleviate stress, stating examples and urging us to try them out for ourselves. It’s a very encouraging book, and one that makes you want to get right down to fighting this debilitating illness that strikes all of us.

I do recommend this self-help book for pretty much everyone.

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