Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A Meaningless Sequence Of Arbitrary Symbols by Joe T Velikovsky

A young man of 18 dreams that he meets God’s Wife.

Except - it’s not a dream; and, it’s not actually God’s wife, either.
(They were just engaged, back in those days.)

The young man sets out on a [semi-epic] Quest to meet the one man who can help him repeat the same gob-smacking feat, in his dreams – and - teach him how to become a VideoGame Designer (and, who is actually the New Messiah, and also a Hollywood Reality-TV Producer - but - who knew?)

Also, eventually, his left foot starts arguing with him, but, so what.


Maybe imagine: The Catcher In the Rye meets The Third Policeman via Breakfast of Champions…

Or, something.

I’ll start off by saying this book is not for everyone. It is quirky in a way that might bother some readers, if they really prefer more stream-lines material, but if you do like reading books that are a bit different, then this one is a trip and a half.

It’s actually hard to review a book like this, because I know some people will read a bit of it and think the author must have been out of his mind to write it. At first, it seems like there’s not much structure to the sentences, not much care for word choices, etc, but as the book moves along, the reader starts to see that there is more structure than is first apparent, it’s just buried deeper.

There are a few issues, though. The dialogue doesn’t really read as dialogue, more like prose in quotation marks. There are some repetitive words that can also get frustrating. The thing is, that the book really grabs on to you when you start “getting” it, so it’s pretty easy to ignore the literary issues.

As I said, this story is not for everyone, so I would suggest you to read an excerpt to see if it’s the kind of story you’d enjoy.

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Sheila Deeth said...

I like this review. Tells me what I'd need to know and makes me interested.