Monday, June 20, 2011

The Parrot Talks in Chocolate: The Life and Times of a Hawaiian TIKI Bar by Everett Peacock

A mythical Hawaiian Tiki bar, and it's eclectic patrons help tell the story of our young hero as he discovers love in the tropics. Tiwaka, the parrot, trades chocolate covered nuts for words of wisdom and watches the wild and often mystical adventures unfold. You'll laugh, cry and insist on buying your plane tickets immediately, to Tiwaka's Tiki Bar & Grill.

This book is a wonder. From the moment I started I was caught in the salt spray of the Hawaiian air, the smell of pineapples and the feel of the sun pulsing against my skin. This is one of those few books where I feel that I want to be inside its pages.

The characters are what make the book what it is, even more than the setting. From the narrator, who is honest and lighthearted, to Tiwaka, the charming, loveable parrot who rules over the Tiki bar, to a waitress who might be more than she looks, the pages are crowded with fabulous personalities.

There is no plot, per se, the book is made of a collection of connected experiences in a paradisiacal island that ripples with Tiki music. It is the perfect story to pick up when feeling down, or stressed. The writing style is so soothing that it lulls you into a sense of well being that mimics the feelings of the many patrons of Tiwaka’s.

There’s really not enough I can say about how wonderful this book is. All I can tell you is that as soon as I finished it, I began to read the sequel, attempting to remain a little longer amid the wonders of the beautiful Tiki atmosphere.

Highly, highly, recommend it.

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