Thursday, August 2, 2012

Mad Mannequins from Hell (The Uncanny Valley Trilogy (Book 1) by August V. Fahren

Days from Christmas in Portland, Oregon: It's white, it's wet, and it's weird. From its Rampaging Santa rumbles to its voodoo and vintage clothing, it is a liberal center for beards, fixed-gear bikes, and microbrews. Now, a dark ritual gone wrong threatens to turn this tranquil wonderland into a living hell when the mad mannequins roam free. And caught in the nightmare are four holy figures bound by longing, loss, and blood...

Burton Vilmos, an unemployed special effects makeup artist, is called upon to right a great wrong before he loses his best friend, his new wife, and his seven-year-old son, Max. Aided only by the Trinity Sisters, three machete wielding battle nuns, Burton may just have a prayer. That is if he can manage to survive an encounter with a midget in a Mexican wrestler's mask, the haute couture hell hound, kung fu (baby) Christ, and unholy demon spawn of the evil retail underworld--the mannequins.

This book is a bizarre mixture of horror, comedy, with quirky character and impossible situations. It’s no wonder it’s considered more in the bizarre genre than anything else.

There’s just no real way of explaining the book. It’s one of those you just have to pick up and see if you like, because there are too many variables. I loved the pacing, which was quick, keeping the reader interested most of the way through. I say most because there were a few of the more violent scenes which felt just a tad bit overdone. But for the most part this was one of those roller-coaster ride books.

The characters are also really fun. How can you go wrong with demon-possessed mannequins and battle nuns? Even the main characters were free from stereotypical descriptions.  There are quite a few characters, though, so sometimes it got a little confusing keeping them straight.

There is also quite a bit of gore, so if that’s not your thing, then you’d probably be served better by reading something else. But for those of you who love strange, captivating, and most importantly, different stories, this one might be for you.

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