Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Archaeologists by Christopher Lee

Arriving early to dinner, two friends stumble through conversation. Part I of the series.

This is a deceptively easy and quick book to read. It is quite short, and it can be read under an hour, but it doesn’t mean there isn’t quite a bit of great, deep writing.

The style of writing itself was something that caught me off guard. It read more like a play in structure than a novel, which works wonderfully for this particular story, giving it an immediacy it probably wouldn’t have otherwise. Since this is the first part of a series, we don’t really get all the details about the characters we meet, but we do see sparks of what makes them who they are. The internal monologues they both have are very revealing, showing the reader quite a bit into their heads.

There is also a harshness to the story that really strikes the reader, etching the writing into the brain to mull over later. It’s a moody little novel that I do recommend to those of you who like things a bit different.  

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