Monday, August 6, 2012

Musing Mondays

What attracts you to a book blog? What puts you off in a book blog? Do you share personal stuff on your book blog?

I like to see lots of reviews for books of every genre. It's interesting to see how one person feel about different kinds of books.
I don't really enjoy when blogs are too crowded or busy, when there are tons of ads that force your eye away from the actual content.

I tend not to share too much personal stuff on my blog, unless it's as an answer to a meme question. I keep my private life, well, private.


Anonymous said...

I agree about the ads, some blogs just have too many and make it look very cluttered.


Unknown said...

Agree about the clutter!
And yes, private life should stay private :) Thanks for stopping by!

Anonymous said...

I think keeping the clutter down is one everyone can agree on :-) Thanks for visiting!

Gigi Ann said...

I agree with you, and the clutter thing everyone is talking about, I don't get what everyone considers clutter. We all have things on our sidebars, and I don't consider that clutter, but the ads, yes, I hate them and consider them unnecessary clutter.

Kwizgiver said...

I like simple, clean blogs, too. My blog is a personal blog that talks about books. I have pages for my books read that are just the books/reviews.

Leah Marie said...

I agree with you on all points, but especially the cleanliness of the blog. When it is cluttered with lots of ads and banners I just can't take it seriously.

TP said...

I love a good looking book blog, one that's not too cookie cutter in both layout & content. Music is a no-no and pictures are a must for me to keep exploring.

Tanya Patrice