Friday, December 7, 2012

Adam McCarthy by Liam B. Smith

He was anything but out of the ordinary until it happened. Clever, stylish, intrepid, strong, fast, handsome. Self-confident. None of those described him, but none of their opposites did either. After falling from a tree at his friend’s house, Adam finds himself in a foreign, vibrant world. He isn’t there long before the natives discover that he is unique. From there on, Adam is left to face life-threatening situations and lethal warriors in a suspense-filled battle for survival. This is the origin of who Adam McCarthy is to become- if he isn’t killed first.

This is a fun book with an amusing protagonist who will capture the attention of most teen boys and probably all girls.

The protagonist is what’s most special about this book. We’ve all read lots of fantasies and characters stepping into worlds they didn’t know existed, so when you have a premise like that you have to make us really love the protagonist. In this case, the author succeeds. We truly make a bond with Adam, becoming more and more involved in who he is as the story progresses. He is a great hero, with many faults and issues, which makes us cheer for him all the more.

There are some grammatical issues that could have been solved with more careful editing, but it’s nothing major, just a bit distracting at times. The story itself more than makes up for it. I would probably recommend this book for the younger teenagers out there, though I had fun reading it and I’m by no means a teenager. Try it out and see what you think!

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