Sunday, June 30, 2013

Unclean Jobs for Women and Girls by Alissa Nutting

In this darkly hilarious debut collection, misfit women and girls in every strata of society are investigated through various ill-fated jobs. One is the main course of dinner, another the porn star contracted to copulate in space for a reality TV show. They become futuristic ant farms, get knocked up by the star high school quarterback and have secret abortions, use parakeets to reverse amputations, make love to garden gnomes, go into air conditioning ducts to confront their mother’s ghost, and do so in settings that range from Hell to the local white-supremacist bowling alley.(
A short story collection that packs a punch this one is a good choice for all those of you who enjoy darker fiction.

From the first sentence ("I am boiling inside a kettle with five other people”), the reader gets thrown into a strange, slightly askew world in which women have many, many odd jobs. The creativity in these stories really has to be applauded, as well as the sharp and insightful writing. The beginning stories are the best ones, with some of the middle ones losing a little bit of steam, but I suppose that is normal in most collections.

There is a certain humor in the writing and the ideas behind the stories, but what really comes across is a careful, nuances look at humanity and femininity in all its guises.

This collection is not for everyone. You have to like the bizarre, the eclectic, and the slightly grotesque, but if you want a taste of something completely different, then this one is a great choice.


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This sounds very interesting! I am in love with the cover. New follower here :)

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Julie said...

I do like the odd bit of "weird" here and there - I would probably enjoy this one! Thanks for the review!