Thursday, March 17, 2011

Blackbird's Ball by Jason Winn

I received this ebook from the Librarything Giveaway program today, and since it is a novella I managed to read it in about 45 minutes.
Ok, the idea behind the story is quite good. There are some interesting moments and suspense abounds. The main problem is the story’s brevity. We are introduced to way too many characters in the space of a few pages and they start to blend and swirl with each other. The characters never develop into their potential and everything is resolved without too many problems. People who need to be killed are killed, people who need to get drugs get drugs. It’s not believable. There needs to be more meat in the story, even if it is a novella, the chapters need to be expanded, conflicts and resolutions need to be expressed realistically not just as quickly as possible so that the author can wrap it up.
I don’t want to discourage readers, it is a good idea and it deserves to be read. My main regret is that this could have (maybe it still could) worked really well as a full-length novel.
Go and read if for yourself.

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