Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Chance to Read an Intriguing Non-Fiction

I was contacted this morning by the author of a non-fiction book called Tremble the Devil. He has done something that is very unusual in the writing community: he's posted his complete book up, for free.
Of course, you can buy a copy for your e-reader, but I think it is admirable to care so much about getting your thoughts across that you're willing to make the sacrifice of payment.

Here is a bit about the book:

Fear is the lifeblood of terrorism, and we all fear the unknown. So there’s no better counter to terrorism than simply spreading understanding.

Because terrorism only works when you freak out. And people only freak out when they don’t understand what’s going on – the true nature of the threat, where it’s really coming from. When they don’t realize that terrorists as individuals are – often as not – pretty freaking dim. And that terrorism as a concept only gains any meaning when it’s discussed in a specific context, that it can only be examined from one perspective at a time.

That’s why Tremble the Devil is posted up online for free: in the hope that when the next attacks hit they’ll be a little less effective, because after reading the book you’ll understand terrorism a little bit better and freak out a little bit less.

The author remains anonymous, but he was a was
employed by the Department of Defense for five-years, and worked in some of the DoD’s most sensitive and salient missions.

I will be reading it in the next few weeks and I'll be posting my review up for all you lovelies to read. If you'd like to join me you can find the book here

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