Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Circle of Thirteen by William Petrocelli

The Circle of Thirteen
In 2082, a catastrophic explosion rocks the dedication ceremony of the new United Nations in New York City. Security Director Julia Moro is on the job, chasing after the misogynistic leader of Patria, a long-disbanded international terrorist organization now being whispered about again on the streets. This dangerous, shadowy figure has been linked to several bombing attempts and vicious attacks on women, including the Women of Peace—an organization headed by thirteen bold women who have risked their lives to restore worldwide peace. As Julia’s investigation unfolds, a deep secret from her past threatens to strip her of everything she cherishes and plunge her into unrecoverable darkness.
This is probably the dullest book I’ve read this year. It started off slow, continued on slow, and ended slow. It is advertised as a thriller, but I have no idea how anyone could have chosen to describe this book as anything remotely thrilling.

I think one of the biggest issues the novel has is that it jumps too much from past to present, from one character to another. It got to the point where I remember picking the book up and not having a clue as to who was speaking or what was going on because it’d been jumping around so much. I usually enjoy books that move back and forwards in time, but this one was a mess for me.

And then the action itself. Although it deals with terrorist attacks and what-not, there is actually very little action that happens on the page and is not part of someone’s back-story. I found my mind wandering too much throughout reading it and it took me much longer to get through it than I wanted. This is not one I’d recommend unless you have just run out of your Lunesta and need a good night’s sleep.

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