Monday, November 12, 2012

Falling in Love by Stephen Bradlee

Sherry Johnson is young, beautiful, bright and athletic. She has everything going for her, except for one thing. She is addicted to love. Her life is a vicious circle of nightly trysts and morning regrets. Her addiction got her kicked out of college, cost her the love of her life and has left her in complete despair. But still Sherry keeps falling in love. And falling. And falling. Finally, as Sherry struggles to pull herself up from a bottomless abyss, she realizes that she will have to learn to love the one person she has loathed for most of her life. Herself.
Based on the True Story of a Young Woman's Battle with Sexual Addiction

Sexual addiction is not something that is written about too much, especially when the sufferer is a woman, so this book definitely caught my interest when I read the synopsis. It was a fascinating look at a true story.

Something that immediately impressed itself upon me is that the story, despite its subject matter is not erotic. If you’re expecting Fifty Shades of Grey, this is the wrong story for you. No, the sexuality in the book is dealt coldly, giving it almost a clinical feel, which is exactly the right tone, I think, when dealing with sexual addiction. Sherry, the protagonist, is completely dimensional, with a wonderful voice that keeps the reader turning the pages. The other characters are also well written, but Sherry is by far the deepest.

This story will really pull at you. It’s not an easy read because of that, because it demands a lot of emotions from the reader. I do highly recommend it, though, not only because it is a fascinating story, but because it is, in its own way, a beautiful ode to love.


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