Sunday, November 18, 2012

Minotaur Revisited by David Gelber

Legend states that the Minotaur was confined to the Labyrinth, slain by Theseus and then laid to rest by thousands of years of Greek mythology. But, the truth is far different. Read the Minotaur’s own words as he recounts his full life as god, king, warrior, matchmaker, midwife, monk, sage, father, mother, husband and, most of all, witness. The fierce Minotaur lived to see and be a part of the best and worst of humanity during a life spanning thousands of years. Part bull, part human, the Minotaur struggled to find his place in this world and, in the end, left his unique mark on history.
This is an interesting take on the minotaur myth, with  lots of comic moments and quite a bit of history packed into a fun story.

The Minotaur, the one we all know who rules over the labyrinth, gets a new take in this book. He is no longer just a fearful creature, but one we get to know as he goes through his many, many adventures. Since he is the narrator, we get to hear his voice, which is surprisingly light and fun. There are a few moments when I thought the language was a bit too modern, not in the narration but in the dialogues that he supposedly had with different figures of history. That was the only thing that sometimes distracted me from the story.

The pacing is handled nicely, with the story never really slowing down from the moment it starts. There are so many amusing little cameos from different historic figures, with even Jesus making an appearance. Some parts actually had me laughing out loud.

This is a quick read that will keep you entertained until the very end. I do recommend it to those of you who like fantasy and quirkier stories.


David Gelber MD said...

Thank you so much for taking the time to read about The Minotaur. It started as a short story, but just kept growing until it blossomed into a short novel. More about Minotaur can be found on my blog

Anonymous said...

That sounds awesome! I am going to have to pick it up.