Saturday, May 26, 2012

Angela's Coven by Bruce Jenvey

Reggie Sinclair is an aging British rock star living in New York City who has just found out he is terminally ill. He also has a very dark secret: When he was still an undiscovered teenager, he sold his soul to the Devil in exchange for his great fame and success. As his life draws to an end, he prepares to face the inevitable until he stumbles upon a very enchanting, modern-day witch named Angela, and her untraditional coven.

Angela gradually introduces Reggie to her world of old school Witchcraft with its roots in alchemy and ‘natural chemistry’ dating to the Dark Ages. As their relationship grows, they devise a plan to break Reggie’s contract and save his soul.

This is a story of the struggle between good and evil with a cast of characters that ranges from guardian angels to young witches-in-training. Together, they have to come to terms with the uncertainties of love, loss, and life decisions to save Reggie from an unbearable eternity. Here is a plot filled with unexpected twists and surprises to the very last page that will also cast an entirely different light on anything you may have ever considered as faith!

This was definitely a different take on the whole god versus evil scenario. For one thing, there was plenty of humor to go around!

Reggie, a musician who sold his soul to the devil in exchange of a successful musical career is facing death and is none too happy about. He is a great character to follow, someone with flaws but who captures the reader’s attention from the very beginning. Angela, a witch, is not as fully realized, but she still has some good moments. Maddy, Angela’s aunt, is a hoot to read about. She is feisty enough to count for three people, and some of her scenes had me laughing out loud. Lucifer is equally charming, as is expected, and definitely steals many of the scenes.

The plot is fast-paced which is wonderful, never letting the reader get bored. There are a few grammatical issues but nothing horrifying so it shouldn’t deter you from picking this book up.

This is a fun one and I do recommend it to lovers of the paranormal genre and even those of you who like a bit of humor in your stories. I’ll definitely be looking forward to the next one in the series.

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