Sunday, April 3, 2011

In My Mailbox

This meme is hosted by The Story Siren every Sunday. Just let everyone know what books you've received this week, they don't necessarily need to have arrived by mail.

Death by Facebook by Everett Peacock

What if your friends and family, co-workers and your boss first heard you were dead, via Facebook? This fast paced adventure chases those questions through the jungles of Volcano Village Hawaii and to the eventual answers.

Green by Ted Decker

Travel between two worlds with Thomas Hunter. In Green, Thomas hasn't dreamt in years and the Circle is weakening because there's no sign of their Creator, Elyon. When Thomas' son, Samuel, loses the faith, evil from both worlds tempts him to initiate war. Will Thomas be able to save Samuel and the Circle?

Look for Our MOther and Our Father by Anonymous

Imagine you have spent your life in the middle of a dust storm, and the air finally clears. Suddenly you see that every step you thought was a step forward was actually a step backward, and you are not where you thought you were. Imagine you can clearly see things now that you had not even realized were distorted, because you were accustomed to the way everything looked in the middle of that cloud of dust...
Here is a sad tale of a culture that thought it was the most advanced, enlightened culture ever - but wasn't. The author takes a concrete look at our lifestyle, our values, our spirituality, and our beliefs and shows us that we are not where we think we are. Wouldn't you like to be able to see your life clearly, without clouds of dust blocking your view?

This book provides a new perspective that will allow people to re-evaluate their lives and re-think everything they think they know. Ignorance is easy, but our responsibility is to seek wisdom. For all those who feel disconnected, who wonder about the meaning of life, or who feel like there must be something more, this panoramic view of our culture will provide some interesting answers and a whole new way to see the big picture.

Many people examine one aspect of our society and find fault - our politics, our educational system, or our treatment of mental diseases (for example) - but no other book looks at the whole and shows how everything works together.

Here is your invitation to step outside of the dust storm, to see a view you never imagined. The author makes no claim to objectivity, but, as you'll see, a subjective view can offer great insight. So come along on a journey to look for our Mother and our Father...

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Christy @ TheReaderBee said...

Great IMM! I hear a lot of good things about Tod Dekker, I should check out his books! Enjoy!