Sunday, April 10, 2011

In My Mailbox

This meme is hosted by The Story Siren every Sunday. Just let everyone know what books you've received this week, they don't necessarily need to have arrived by mail.

One Land, One King by Y.S. Hassan

After their grisly battle for supremacy over the One Land, the king and his five knights anticipate peaceful times ahead of them. Then, almost before they can rest their bloody swords on the ground, angels and demons—masquerading as humans—begin to carouse the Earth, vying for human souls before their very eyes, powerless to stop it. While the king and his knights are without equal on the battlefield, this war is different from all the others they have had to face. It takes place in the heart of their cities and of their people. A secret war of influence has started with the rise of the One King, and the outcome, the doom or salvation of their world, is to be determined by Yan, a boy with unimaginable powers chosen to be the scale on which the actions of men shall be weighed.

Cleansing by Fire by Y.S. Hassan

Marc Lacroix—Angibil, the name given to him by Elu—was twenty-five years old and was about to graduate from a prestigious university of Paris and become the youngest Adept Minor of the Order! He had become an expert in many disciplines, mastering not only traditional areas of study but also the most complex of arcane arts.

Angibil hastily went to the consecration chamber in the campus undergrounds. There, in an incredible show of character, he summoned forth a legendary mystical blade to the surprise of the council. He was quickly greeted to the rank of Adept Minor and rewarded by being cast away from all the institutions controlled by Elu! Rumors about Angibil being the long awaited heir to Immaru—the founder—spread among the elders.

Angibil courageously readied himself and left to accomplish his new trials, dreaming of the day he would return to Elu to claim the title of Adept Major.

Guided by an enigmatic symbiotic blade, Angibil traveled the world and the social structures, determined to unearth his enemy. The most elusive and lethal lower demon of ancient Sumer, hiding amongst the unaware and secretly enslaving their souls.

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Marla said...

Thanks for stopping by today. I'm probably going to start Linger next. I liked Shiver so much that I don't think I'll be able to put it off!